Typing Passage

This is a unique typing game roughly based on our Typing Tutor. The idea is that you have to work your way through 26 levels, each representing the introduction of a new key.

Typing Trek

In this typing game, you will be using the keyboard to navigate around the grid and collect the targets. The grid is made up of a series of squares each of which contain a letter.

Keyboard Simon

If you have ever played the classic memory game called ‘Simon’, this typing game should be very familiar to you. The object is to remember a sequence of keystrokes and then reproduce them when the time

Typing Zone

This typing game rewards you more for accuracy than speed. The goal, aside from correctly typing the words, is to avoid typos and thereby build long streaks of correct keystrokes

Speed Typing

The object of this game is to type the 12 words in each round as quickly as possible, without making any typos. You will be presented with words one by one. Type them as they appear.

Key Block

In this game you need to prevent the letters from making contact with the block. One by one, letters will fly in from the sides, towards the block in the center of the game board and you need to try to prevent


In Keyball, the game board is drawn up into squares that represent keys on your keyboard. Red balls and blue balls float around the board. In order to win, catch the blue balls and avoid the red balls!


The object of this game is to type the simple words provided using a reassigned keyboard layout. That is, the keyboard will not type as you are accustomed to, but rather will adhere to the rules as defined by the game.

Typo II

This typing game consists of a series of ‘sentences’ containing words and punctuation. As the sentences appear, you need to type them as quickly as you can

Keypad Keyball

Use your typing skills and your reflexes to catch the balls as they bounce around the keypad.

Focal Points

Use your typing skills and your concentration to catch the targets are they pass over different numbers.


The goal is to type the text shown to you exactly as it appears. Any discrepancies between your keystrokes and the expected characters will be counted as typos.

Falling Words

The object of this game is to type as fast as humanly possible. There are words falling from the top of the screen, and you need to try to type them before they hit the bottom.

Type Down

The object of this game is to prevent the rising column of words from reaching the top. In order to do so, you need to type the words as fast as you can.


The object of this game is to react as quickly as possible by pressing the appropriate key. You will see a visual representation of the keyboard on your screen, and one by one, keys will light up.